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Services The Magic Matt Show

I can perform a standalone show or run the full 2 hour party for you.

I perform at literally hundreds of birthday parties every year so know exactly what I’m doing when it comes to entertaining children.

The Magic Matt Show on its own generally runs for 45-60 minutes but most people now opt for me to run the full 2 hour party as it’s great value for money and takes all of the hassle out of it for you.

Services The Magic Matt Show

Multiple family shows, circus workshops & stroll around performance.

At festivals and events I specialise in high impact family friendly performances which can include impressive feats such as fire and knife juggling along with magic and comedy for everyone to enjoy.

Trusted by some of the most popular festival organisers in the country.

Services The Magic Matt Show

Yorkshire Wedding Family Entertainer Of The Year 2022

These days I’m as much of a ‘Family Entertainer’ as I am ‘Children’s Entertainer’ and although I’m primarily there to entertain the kids, I find I draw a lot of the adults in too. They love the show just as much.

I recommend about an hour of entertainment at Christenings & Weddings but can cater for other options.

Services The Magic Matt Show

Differentiated entertainment for all key stages.

Magic and Circus shows are a great way of rewarding children for “getting it right”. As are the magic and circus skills workshops I offer.

I am a former teacher, so understand exactly what goes into the process of organising external suppliers such as myself to come into school so I’ve even devised a way I can pay back my own fee.

Services The Magic Matt Show

Structured lessons & workshops for all skill levels.

We’d all love to learn a few magic tricks and some impressive circus skills to show off to our friends & family. My magic lessons and circus workshops are great fun but also valuable methods of developing resilience and creativity.

For schools right the way through to university I have a specific organisation utilising magic & circus activities to aid personal development.

The Magic Matt For Adults

I also perform magic for adults and can combine The Magic Matt Show as a package with an hour or two of close up magic for the adults. Check out the video below or visit for more details”.