Magic & Circus Workshops

Magic & Circus Workshops The Magic Matt Show

Building Personal Qualities

Structured Circus Workshops and Magic Lessons are a great way for participants to learn through play. It can be as simple as developing motor skills and coordination right the way through to building personal qualities in resilience, motivation and creativity.

Magic & Circus Workshops The Magic Matt Show

A Course Of Sessions

I can also provide a whole series of Magic or Circus lessons as part of extra curricular clubs or as an elective in an educational development program.

Magic & Circus Workshops The Magic Matt Show

Attainable Level Of Challenge

Fun circus skills sessions are generally best lasting around an hour or a full club night for organisations like Brownies, Guides, Cubs & Scouts. Participants get to try out a range of circus activities on rotation, usually including; plate spinning, juggling, flower sticks, diablos and balancing objects. I take time to show different tricks with varying skill levels for each piece of apparatus so an attainable level of challenge is experienced for each one and progression can be seen with the smallest amount of practice.